This exciting  Seattle combo unites several of the area’s finest roots musicians in their shared love of classic country and western swing music from the 1920’s to the present day. Expect to hear gems from the likes of Jimmie Rogers, Hank Williams, Roger Miller, Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Bob Wills, George Jones and many more. Comprised of great vocalists and instrumentalists, the Swing Bringers  features Mary Simkin-Maass on fiddle, Greg Maass on lap steel, Mark Snyder on upright bass, Ethan Lawton on mandolin, and Cyd Smith on guitar. For dances and larger events, the band is joined by one of Seattle’s most in demand drummers for an even bigger sound.

Greg Maass


Greg has always been drawn to the sound of the slide guitar. From a youth spent listening to the Allman Brothers to decades playing bluegrass dobro, the singing sustain of a steel bar on a horizontal guitar has always been his musical happy place. Playing lap steel guitar with the Swing Bringers allows him to explore the upbeat, syncopated palette that brings a bounce and flow to the smooth harmonies and toe tapping tempos of the band.





Ethan Lawton

IMG_0924Ethan is the man behind the backbeat, whether swinging on the drum kit or chopping on the mandolin, as he does with the Swing Bringers. Percolating melodies and bouncy rhythm are his specialty, and he is also a killer vocalist who brings a diverse yet always in the pocket repertoire to the combo. A native Seattlite, Ethan has contributed to many bands while coming up in the local music scene, and he is right at home with the Swing Bringers.




Mark Snyder

IMG_0934Mark holds down the bottom end of the band on string bass, and always is at ease with a country shuffle, singing an old Hank Williams song, or chiming in on harmony vocals. No stranger to the dance floor, Mark always feels the pulse of a tune from the ballroom as well as the bandstand, and is known for assembling the perfect set list that keeps the two-steppers lingering for “just one more”, again and again.




Cyd Smith

cydGuitarist and vocalist Cyd Smith was bit by the swing bug years ago and hasn’t recovered yet. Over the years she has played in swing bands with Casey MacGill, Paul Anastasio, Russ Barenberg, Matt Glaser, and Rebecca Kilgore, to mention a few. A regular teacher of swing guitar at music camps across the US, she has taught many guitarists their first swing chords. Her compelling vocals and sure command of the groove make her a perfect fit for the Swing Bringers.



Mary Simkin-Maass

IMG_0990Seattle native Mary Simkin-Maass does the fiddle work and shares the vocal work in the Swing Bringers. A long time regional bluegrass fiddler (from Who’s Driving in the ‘90s to the Cliff Perry Band currently), in recent years Mary has enjoyed turning her musical attention in the directions of country (Cahalen Morrison & Country Hammer) and western swing traditions. Mary does freelance performance and studio work both locally and regionally. She is constantly in pursuit of the fattest tone, the most lyrical melodic line, and a solid groove to set toes tapping.